Producing Possibilities For Film

Producing Possibilities

Producing Possibilities For Film

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Scoring At Festivals

International film festivals with industry platforms mean concrete opportunities for professionals, concepts and projects

Film Opportunities

In addition to film screenings, more and more international film festivals have activities and facilities for film professionals such as makers, producers, talent, directors and sales agents. An important part of these industry platforms and professionals meetings is the easy contact with other professionals and the many opportunities to present or view plans and projects and discuss opportunities for co-production or financing.

Meet Your Audience

Film festivals cater to an audience and at the same time champion and support talent. For film makers festivals are a great opportunity to connect directly with the audience and to profile themselves. With the arrival of the streaming platforms, international festivals will become more and more the place where makers will get to meet the audience and also be in the right environment to meet other likeminded creatives from all over the world.

Meet the Industry

All of the professionals who visit international film festivals can be considered as the “The Film Industry”. Due to the annual arrival of, for the most part, the same professionals, a film festival can also be called a temporary “film community”, where people like to see and to meet each other. Industry platforms and industry meetings reinforce this positive effect and thus stimulate the creation and development of productions and collaboration.

Specific Projects

There are many specific festivals such as for documentaries, animation, short films, new comer films, quality art house films, experimental and more. These specific festivals organize industry platforms and professional meetings, creating networking opportunities. For professionals with projects in this field it will be easier to meet co-producers and sales agents who are eager to find new audiovisual content in the works in progress.

Get Festival Savvy

International film festivals are planets of opportunities. But not every festival is the same and will offer what is needed. Each festival has its own policy, program, culture, theme and taste. Important is knowledge about the nature and content of the different festivals in relation to one’s own plans, project and prospects. Key is to make the right choice for the right festivals with the greatest opportunities for the film and the maker.


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© Copyright 2019 • BaseWorx · Website: Doets Design